Chelsea Farms: A Family Shellfish Farm

Chelsea Farms is a current working model of environmental sustainability. We have made a priority of farming the Olympia Oyster, a native oyster to Olympia, that was on it’s way to extinction. Chelsea Farms is a proud member with Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association. Sustainable farming is a key aspect to keeping the water clean. Water maintenance demands crucial attention while growing our Chelsea Gem, Bonita, and Olympia Oysters, along with our fresh clams and geoduck. Education on the water and where seafood is sourced from is essential to the experience the Farm offers.

The shellfish Chelsea Farms grows on Eld and Totten Inlet create a natural eco-system for the South Sound and provides local jobs in Thurston county. Job development belongs to a set of community ethics we at Chelsea Farms holds on high standards. Farm Manager, Shina Wysocki, takes pride in operating on a small scale farm with no warehouse, where farmers are treated as family. With a small operation, the farm can refine their oysters, truly making it Washington’s first “boutique shellfish farm.” At this time we do not offer public farm tours.

What is a Chelsea Gem?

Chelsea Farms is well-known throughout the West Coast for their “Chelsea Gem.” This petite beauty is a tide tumbled Pacific oyster. The method of growing Chelsea Gems is original, grown in tumbled bags suspended by buoys in the water. This creates a completely new flavor profile that is clean, sweet, buttery, with a delicate touch of brine.

Chelsea Farms Oysters + Shellfish isn't just a local delight. We ship our bounty across the United States. Some of our stockists include: